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Heather Taskey

Heather is in her fourth year at the University of Alberta in the Honours Political Science program. She has been working on the PSUR since its creation in 2015 and is proud to see how far the journal has come. In her spare time, she is often binging Netflix with her dog and a glass of wine or headed to the mountains to ski.


Aryssa Hasham

Aryssa is thrilled to return as Themes Editor for the Political Science Undergraduate Review for a second year. As a fourth-year Political Science and Economics student, she is particularly passionate about American politics and working with marginalized communities. When off campus, Aryssa enjoys hot yoga, reading biographies, and watching trashy reality TV.


Anusha Kav

Anusha Kav is a third year student, and this is her second year as part of the PSUR editorial team. Completing a BA Honors in Political Science with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, Anusha loves learning about critical race theory, sexuality and masculinities. Off campus, she enjoys a good cheesy romance, be it Disney or Bollywood, she’s got you covered!


Shahroze Khan

Shahroze Khan is a senior level student who is studying political science and sociology. His academic interests included international relations, post colonialism, middle eastern history, south Asian history and identity in Canada. On his spare time, shahroze can be found with his camera and laughing at memes from twitter.


Sarah Clifford

Sarah is a third year political science honors student with an interest in foreign affairs, particularly the political influence of oil on American foreign and economic policies. She comes from a small rural village in Alberta but Edmonton is now her second home. In her spare time, when she is not studying, working or curling, she can be found either at a café (probably consuming too many croissants) or on an airplane because she loves to travel. Sarah is terribly excited to be on the PSUR Editorial team this year!