This is an amazing opportunity to get one of your best political science papers published, and begin the early process of gaining a valuable experience for grad school!  

The PSUA is holding a TownHall for all Political Science and non-Political Science students that have previously taken a POL S course. The purpose is to gain a greater understanding of the program's strengths and challenges. Your anonymous feedback will be compiled and sent as a formal report to the Political Science Department for further action.

There will also be free pizza so bring your friends!


This year marks the 40th anniversary of the publication of Edward Said’s Orientalism (1978), the passing of a distinguished Muslim scholar and a renowned feminist theorist Saba Mahmood (1962-2018), and the passing of the Orientalist historian Bernard Lewis (1916-2018). 

How are the ideas of Said and Mahmood relevant today?

We invite you to join in on a lively panel discussion of experts from the University of Alberta!


VP Communications By-Election

Congratulations to Precious Udeh! And a big thanks to all our candidates, our CRO, and those who voted.

*New PSUR Editors!*

A big, special thank you to all those who applied to be part of the PSUR Editorial Team, and our wonderful VP Academic: Alex Hammond!

After interviewing all potential candidates, it was narrowed down to two people.

Congratulations Muhammad Khan and Sarah Clifford on being the newest addition to the PSUR Editorial Team and the PSUA. We look forward to working with the both of you this year.

Welcome to the team!


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