Past PSUR Writer's Feature- Nathan Fung

Here is another previously published writer’s feature, enjoy xx

Twitter handle: @FungNathan_K

Twitter handle: @FungNathan_K

What was the title of your published paper and what class was it written for?

"Omar Khadr: A Bleak Mark on Canadian Civil Rights" which was written for Dion Blythe's Pol S 324 class: Multiculturalism and the Law.

Why did you decided to submit your paper?

I'd been meaning to write for the Political Science Undergraduate Review for a while so I was happy to do so once I had a paper that fit the PSUR's criteria.

Favorite political science class as of yet?

My favorite class might be Linda Trimble's Pol S 421 class: media and politics in Canada. It was a chance for me to combine two of my interests in one course: politics and journalism.

Any extracurricular activities/travel/work experience that shaped your UofA experience?

The extracurricular that defined my undergraduate experience at the University of Alberta has to be working with The Gateway student paper. I'd been interested in journalism since I was in high school, and my experience with The Gateway — as a volunteer from 2014 to 2017, then as a staff member from 2017 to present — has taught me a lot about writing, how media and newspapers work, the kinds of skills you need to work in the industry, and more.

How have you used/learned from the publication process?

I think the biggest thing is just reaching out to the editors of the publication you want to be in, and taking the first step. The other thing is to fit your writing to the publication.

What is the post valuable aspect of your political science degree?

I think the most valuable part of my political science degree is finding ways to break down complex ideas into simpler parts, which helps in getting it out to a more general audience that might have a weaker understanding of those ideas. 

Fun fact about you 

When I ran into Beto O'Rourke during a visit to Washington DC in 2016, he accidentally knocked an audio recording device from my hand with his hand gestures.